Hey... (again)

Still trying to get my mind around how to solve this. Someone mentioned ssh forwarding, but I've not gotten it to work.

Say I have 5 boxes on my network,


Each box has a generic user - user1, with limited perms/access

On my local box, i create a pub/private ssh key. I copy the pub key to each box..

From my local box, I can then ssh -using the priv/pub key into box1.

From box1, can I then hop/ssh over to box2, using the pub key for the user1 that I created/installed?

I'm trying to figure out how I can hop between boxes as needed without having to have lots of pub/private keys ...

What do I need to add to the local box, or to box1 / box2 to permit me to hop from box1 to box2 without having to add a key from/between box1 and box2?

if ssh forwarding is the soln, what has to be added to which files, on which boxes?