On Sat, 23 Nov 2019 at 10:33, Neal Becker <ndbecker2@gmail.com> wrote:
So what to do now?  On my android device, I installed a mopria app, and it 
finds my brother laser printer just fine.  But to print from my linux 
desktop, I've never setup a system printer, just depended on printing to 
google cloud via chrome.

From what info I found via google search, cups should just work with mopria-
enabled printers (like mine). According to articles I found cups should just 
detect it as available network printers. So I tried it.  kde printer config 
and system-config-printers both detect nothing as available network 
Mopria app on my android detects it just fine.  Both connected to same wifi.

Debian has a decent document on CUPS Driverless Printing

Driverless printing was designed for mobile devices that might encounter
many different printers so could not afford the overhead of setting up individual
printers.   The compromise is to have a small set of capabilities that was easy
for all the printer vendors to support.    I have a Mopria certified printer from
Canon that usually works with my wife's IOS devices, but on my desktop I use
the CUPS/Gutenprint PPD for the Mopria printer.  Some documents fail using
Mopria but do print from Fedora or Adobe Acrobat on Windows.
Any ideas how to debug this and/or fix it?

Does the printer appear using "avahi-browse -all | grep Printer"?  Mine shows
up as both "Internet Printer" and "UNIX Printer".

My Mopria-capable printer didn't appear using the Gnome tool in Fedora 31,
but CUPS Admin gave me two options: Gutenprint and another that didn't
use Gutenprint. I thought that might not provide the full capabilities so went
with Gutenprint. 

George N. White III