On Sat, 2008-05-24 at 10:40 -0700, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Sat, 2008-05-24 at 10:27 -0700, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> Transaction Check Error:
>   file /usr/lib/libmp3lame.so.0.0.0 from install of
> lame-libs-3.97-6.lvn8.i386 conflicts with file from package
> libmp3lame0-3.97-16.fc8.i386
> Error Summary
> -------------
> So what can I do to get lame installed?

Short answer: resolve the conflict. Longer answer: find out which
package libmp3lame0-3.97-16.fc8.i386 belongs to (rpm -qf
libmp3lame0-3.97-16.fc8.i386) and remove it (yum erase <package>).

Of course, that may cause yum to want to remove other stuff. You'll have
to decide whether you really want the Livna package that much.

Unfortunately, this is what I would lose by removing libmp3lame0-3.97-16.fc8.i386
all of this so that I can play music with many of the codecs. Dang, why is it so
hard to install LAME?  What is it about not synchronizing efforts so that lame
here and lame there are not even compatible?  I need lame so that I can simply
convert wma to mp3.  Geez.

Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
libmp3lame0             i386       3.97-16.fc8      installed         273 k
Removing for dependencies:
akode-extras            i386       2.0.2-1.lvn8.1   installed          29 k
avidemux                i386       2.4.1-2.lvn8     installed         8.4 M
avidemux-gtk            i386       2.4.1-2.lvn8     installed         7.7 M
avidemux-qt             i386       2.4.1-2.lvn8     installed         7.5 M
devede                  noarch     3.7-1.lvn8       installed         2.3 M
dvdstyler               i386       1:1.5.1-2.lvn8   installed         2.9 M
fame                    i386       0.9.0-7.lvn6     installed          78 k
ffmpeg                  i386       0.4.9-0.41.20071011.lvn8  installed         560 k
ffmpeg-libs             i386       0.4.9-0.41.20071011.lvn8  installed         4.2 M
ffmpeg2theora           i386       0.19-1.lvn8      installed          63 k
gstreamer-ffmpeg        i386       0.10.3-5.lvn8    installed         334 k
gstreamer-plugins-bad   i386       0.10.5-14.lvn8   installed         1.3 M
gstreamer-plugins-bad-extras  i386       0.10.5-14.lvn8   installed          83 k
gstreamer-plugins-ugly  i386       0.10.6-5.lvn8    installed         574 k
k3b-extras-nonfree      i386       1.0.3-1.lvn8     installed         180 k
k9copy                  i386       1.2.2-1.lvn8     installed         2.7 M
kdemultimedia-extras-nonfree  i386       6:3.5.8-1.lvn8   installed         1.7 M
kino                    i386       1.2.0-1.lvn8     installed         7.3 M
libquicktime            i386       1.0.1-1.lvn8     installed         932 k
libquicktime-utils      i386       1.0.1-1.lvn8     installed         121 k
mencoder                i386       1.0-0.90.rc2.lvn8  installed         6.6 M
mjpegtools              i386       1.9.0-0.4.rc2.lvn8  installed         1.2 M
mjpegtools-gui          i386       1.9.0-0.4.rc2.lvn8  installed          66 k
mjpegtools-libs         i386       1.9.0-0.4.rc2.lvn8  installed         573 k
mozilla-vlc             i386       0.8.6g-2.lvn8    installed         102 k
swfdec                  i386       0.5.3-1.lvn8     installed         681 k
swfdec-gtk              i386       0.5.3-1.lvn8     installed          61 k
swfdec-mozilla          i386       0.5.3-1.lvn8     installed          70 k
transcode               i386       1.0.4-5.lvn8     installed         5.7 M
vdr-burn                i386       0.1.0-0.8.pre21.lvn8.2  installed         866 k
vdr-dxr3                i386       0.2.7-2.lvn8     installed         219 k
vdr-mp3                 i386       0.10.1-1.lvn8    installed         399 k
vdrsync                 noarch     0.1.3-7.PRE1.050322.lvn8  installed         489 k
vlc                     i386       0.8.6g-2.lvn8    installed          10 M
vlc-core                i386       0.8.6g-2.lvn8    installed         9.8 M
xine-lib-extras-nonfree  i386       1.1.12-1.lvn8    installed         1.2 M
xvidcap                 i386       1.1.6-1.lvn8     installed         6.5 M
y4mscaler               i386       9.0-5.lvn8       installed         159 k

Transaction Summary
Install      0 Package(s)        
Update       0 Package(s)        
Remove      39 Package(s)        

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