I have a test box which has been showing some corruption of the display from time to time.
Since it doesn't matter if I play, I thought I would try installing the latest support for the graphics card from the nVidia website.
The package is a self-extracting archive, which checks for the kernel support, then eventually decides that I need to have the specific kernel support built for my particular platform, which is fine.
I finally installed all the headers and compiler that it asked for, and it goes ahead and attempts to build the package.
The attached file is a copy of the build log.
Bottom line, Build fails.
What I think I understand so far is that the semaphore.h header file is missing, odd since I expect it as a standard header. This causes an error in the compile.
Next, there are a couple of calls to smp_call_function which cause compile errors because of a parameter mismatch.
I assume, the call is to a function declared in semaphore.h
Since there are now three errors in total, the installer aborts.
So, I think the first big question is where is the semaphore.h header file?
I have only found an asm directory in /usr/lib/perl5 tree.
I did find an archive file containing a semaphore.h file. The archive is semaphore.h.0p.gz in /usr/share/man/man0p but the contained file does not have the definition of smp_call_function.
Getting confused at this point :)
Any help?