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On 01/14/2018 02:22 PM, Ed Greshko wrote:
On 01/15/18 05:19, Ed Greshko wrote:
kernel-devel          x86_64 4.14.13-300.fc27     updates                    12 M
  kernel-headers        x86_64 4.14.13-300.fc27     updates                   1.2 M

Note these packages are from updates.  If the laptop system hasn't been updated one
can use....

dnf --disablerepo updates --downloadonly --downloaddir=/tmp install broadcom-wl

to get....

  kernel-devel          x86_64 4.13.9-300.fc27      fedora                     11 M
  kernel-headers        x86_64 4.13.9-300.fc27      fedora                    1.2 M
All done and installed and all is well on my friend's f27 laptop.
The snag I ran into had to do with the fact that the un-networked
laptop, while trying to install the broadcom rpm and the dependencies,
kept throwing me a curve: dnf kep saying it was unable to sync with the
repositories: updates, fedora, rpmfusion....

How could it, since I was trying to install the very things that WOULD
enable it to sync.
So, before I gave up, I added the command argument:
and lo and behold all the rpms in question got installed, and I rebooted,
and the network was on. Ran updates. All is well.

Thanx a lot!!

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I don't believe that the workstation ISO will have what you need, as it is a netinstall image.
You will probably want the server image,  I'm downloading that to check it now.


The server iso has what you need,