while using "Files", the explorer application (versionĀ 3.28.1-stable) in my Fedora 28 system, I have sometimes this kind of problem:
- I normally use what should be "list view" with list of file names
- if I have to paste a file/dir or group of copied files/dirs into a location where the page listed is full (no blank space inside it), it seems that I cannot paste: the right mouse click doesn't offer the paste option.

In these cases I temporarily switch to what should be "icon view" and in this case I always have some blank space because of how items are displayed.
I select a blank space and then right-mouse --> paste
Then I come back to list view...

Is this a sort of bug or what?
Based on this linkĀ 
I should have "paste" option in menu, but it doesn't happen, see screenshot:

NOTE: keyboard shortcut ctrl+c and ctrl+v works, though

Thanks in advance.