I have to get a new 500GB SSD card before installing on my old system, so it will be a few more weeks.

I am assuming the OP is using GNOME.  The Gnome g-ds are independent of Fedora and Centos.  I dropped Nautilus for Nemo back in Fedora 21.  I dropped Gnome for Xfce with F22.  What a difference on battery consumption.  My CPUs stay at reasonable levels.

So don't complain so much to Fedora.  They, like all others have to live with what Gnome spits out.  And Gnome's goal is to mirror the Windows experience.  If you don't like Windows (which I hate), GET OFF GNOME!  End stop.

BTW, RHEL/Centos 8 will suffer the same fate with Gnome.  Gnome is what it is.

As far as problems installing F26 Xfce, I will find out about that in a couple weeks.  I will note that when I installed F24 Xfce, I ended up with Cinnamon!  I had to install Xfce on top of that and then select Xfce at login,  Once selected, I was on Xfce all the time.  I filed a bug report on this, but I never tested F25 to see if they fixed the Xfce install...

On 08/09/2017 12:41 PM, ergodic wrote:
Let me further add that neither Fedora 26 Live or Fedora 26 XFCE work.
I had to install Fedora 25 and then upgrade with dnf to Fedora 26.
Nautilus has become so limited that I switched to nemo.
It is a shame!

Gentle People:

   I hate to interrupt your Fedora 26 party, but well here goes a dose of reality from the

1) First of all F26's performance is very poor. its a CPU hog and DRAM ! I installed F26 in a Virtual Box (VBox)
on a two processor machine and it is so slow that it is barely usable. In the same environment CentOS performs
with quite excellent performance. You have a massive performance problem here!

2) Your new menu system is a joke. I use the system for application code development so I want Text Editor
windows and shells. Why did you hide these in the basement and the very bottom of the menu system?
Also your menus are slow and cumbersome. What was wrong with the previous menu system? Is this simply
change for the sake of change? Have your group been taken over by Marketing?

3) Look and feel. Why in the name of hell did you want this look and feel? I use Linux for application code
development. I want Text Editors, shell Windows, gcc, gdb , and ddd. Why are all the engineering tools hidden?
If I wanted the look and feel of Windows I would buy windows!

4) Text Editor: Go back to the old one it works way better!

5)  Your new Services configuration is a blithering disaster! Please bring back the configuration GUIs for
Services and Users. Keep in mind here I am not a Linux System administrator! I am a user! I perform
a complex configuration of user and group numbers to maintain NFS compatibility with Solaris.
This configuration is difficult even with the GUIs, without them forget it.

6) Cut and paste: I don't know what you did to that! (Well it use to work)! P.S. Solaris has a great User I/F
GUI for cut and paste.

6) Yum and rpm: Please print to the screen the directories where S/W is installed. So that I don't have to
waste time going looking for it.

7) Convenience: STOP CHANGING THE CONFIGURATION INTERFACES. Every time you change the configuration
methodology we the users have to waste hours and even days learning the new configuration methodology.

8) Are you on drugs? What in the hell gave you the insane idea that a command line interface for configuration
was some how better that a GUI?

    Please consider carefully the possibility that you are going in the wrong direction!
    Overall I continue to be disappointed in Fedora and thank heavens for CentOS.

Thomas Dineen

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