unclear what you are trying to accomplish here.  If, for example, you are trying to pgrep for all processes that have 'bash' in the process name:
xx="pgrep -f ${aa} | wc -l"
echo $xx <<< shows the command in $xx
eval ${xx} <<< runs the command in $xx



Kevin Martin

On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 7:47 PM, bruce <badouglas@gmail.com> wrote:
trying to get the following to output
  pgrep -f 'bash' | wc -l

  the var $xx has the cmd...
  something's missing to allow the backtics to run the cmd..
  if the cmd is hadcoded.run, it works..

can't see what the homer simpson "doh" moment is!


# ptest.sh
# use predefined variables to access passed arguments
# $1
echo $aa " pp"
xx="pgrep -f '"${aa}"' | wc -l"
echo $xx   <<< this dsplays the test pgrep
echo `$xx`   <<  err msg
echo `${xx}`  << err msg...

## trying to get -- pgrep -f 'bash' | wc -l <<
## i'm getting a Usage: pgrep [....] err msg..
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