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> Does anyone know if it's even remotely possible to have teh tab names in
> Konsole change per remote host you ssh into?

Use %w in tab title format and remote tab title format.

Then use this in your shell rc (I use zshrc -- maybe you use bashrc):

    chpwd() {
        [[ -t 1 ]] || return
        case $TERM in
            sun-cmd) print -Pn "\e]l%~\e\\"
            *xterm*|rxvt|(dt|k|E)term) print -Pn "\e]2;[%m] %~\a"
            vt220) print -Pn "\e]2;[%m] %~\a"


Now try to remember to "cd ." after loging out of a remote shell to
reset the window title.  :-)

Garry Williams
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Holy crap.. thanks so much Garry.  I just knew someone out there had figured this out!!

One last thing.. how do I get it to only display user@host rather than the full path that I'm currently in on the remote server?

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