On 10/16/19 06:30, Bob Goodwin wrote:
On 10/15/19 19:48, George N. White III wrote:

You can test the claim: "Industry leading support: 2-year and free 24/7 technical
support. Contact ussupport@tp-link if you have any questions".
Yes, that sounds encouraging. Also I was pleased to see essential information printed on the router label and its' wall wart, there is hope ...

I think homeplug is designed to recover after power outages.  HPAV
added support for streaming (AV), look for hpav-white-paper_050818.pdf.
Can you try running the devices in legacy (HP 1.0) mode?

George N. White III
Yes, TP-Link Support seems to be good as claimed. I am not yet done testing things but it looks like the Access Point and Ethernet circuit may be working as expected, it will take a few  days to know but this morning it looks good? It appears the main problem was that the AP wants the LAN input signal fed into the WAN port on the A7 AC1759 router and I plugged it into one of the four remaining ethernet jacks. Tech support responded to my request for AP configuration instructions which I could not find, with some easy to understand steps, the key being: "3rd: Once it's Done Please connect the cable again from Main Router to Archer A7 using ( WAN PORT or Blue Port )".

And I guess that is logical, the LAN input signal is replacing the WAN signal from a modem. I guess what operation I did have, which was not working reliably, depended on a received radio signal, that in the weak signal area I am trying to improve with this exercise! The iPhone/iPad, whatever users are all out of the house presently so I will not have a good test until later.

've already lost user confidence in my ability to do a simple task so I hope I can pull out of this with a working system,



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