On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 4:13 PM, InvalidPath <invalid.path@gmail.com> wrote:
One last thing.. how do I get it to only display user@host rather than the full path that I'm currently in on the remote server?

I use the prompt for that information[*].  The whole reason for using %w is so that the *shell* (local or remote) can set the title of the tab.  If you want the shell to supply another value, then you need to modify the code I supplied to do whatever you need done.  Perhaps you want to use another format specifier in the tab settings and not use the shell at all.  Maybe I misunderstood the question.  The "Insert" drop-down in the tab configuration screen will show what is available, if you don't want the shell to fill it in.

[*] A typical prompt for me is: "garry@ifr$ ".  I look at the window title to remind me of the path.  I also never show the tabs in konsole.  That way there's always enough real estate for the path in my terminal title bar.  It works for me.  At work, I also use different profiles to get different background colors on terminal sessions depending on what host I am logged into.  Then I use different menu items (icons, that is) to log to different hosts.  More visual cues to make sure I know my context so I don't do something stupid.

Garry Williams