Il giorno lun, 23/09/2019 alle 16.12 +0200, Dario Lesca ha scritto:
I have a my personal application (~/bin/launch-app) that read a text
file with .app extension ( and run some stuff of things 

Since the is a text file ...

   [lesca@dodo tmp]$ file ASCII text

if I try bind this file to my program launch-app via nemo, nautilus,
thunar, ecc or via line command mimeopen, all other text (text/plain)
file (es some.txt) are bind to my program.

   [lesca@dodo tmp]$ mimeopen -d /tmp/
   Please choose a default application for files of type text/plain
   	1) launch-app  (userapp-launch-app-LF774Z)
   	2) LibreOffice Main  (libreoffice)
   	3) Geany  (geany)
   	4) ....

How to bind only .app file to my application?

Many thanks

Found here:


Dario Lesca
(inviato dal mio Linux Fedora 30 Workstation)