If you are not interested in Rawhide basics, please hit
the delete button now.     This post is aimed at people
who may not know what Rawhide really is, or how it
gets updated, etc.

The link below is a Dropbox link, showing a list of
packages installed on my computer.


My Rawhide computer has been performing nominally, ( without hiccups ) since I installed the unofficial iso.

This list shows that some of the packages come from Anaconda.     I assume, ( feel free to correct
me ), that those packages have not changed, since I did the install.     Right ??

Also note there are two different suffixes in the filenames "fc32," and "fc33."      Obviously, fc33 are the packages that have
been updated and re-labeled to show they are going to be in the upcoming Version 33 of Fedora.     What those suffixes actually
do in the server, meaning as to what repo they are in, I will let someone else explain all that.      I assume those packages with fc32 suffix are identical to what you have if you are using fc32 Workstation.     For example, the package "bash" is apparently fc32.

As you can see, most of the important packages are updated in someway and have the fc33 suffix.    Meaning lots of hardwork has
been done by people.     Thank you to those volunteers, etc.

Note that there is one package "fc31," that being "trousers."     

As you can see, the kernel is the latest rc7 available.     Since 5.7.0 will go stable in a few days, I assume that the next kernel I
get will be 5.8.0.rc0.git### or something like that, or at least that will be the kernel on my install, in about two weeks.     Feel free to correct me.

Unfortunately, I have had little access to my computer in the past month, due to not having a stable place to reside, and that will
likely be the case for me this summer.

I am looking forward to reading about how Fedora performs on the upcoming Raspberry Pi 4, with 8 GB of RAM.

Another sad note, is that due to my financial situation, I had to downgrade to a less expensive phone service provider, and in doing
so I ended up with a refurbished iPhone.     I have never used an iPhone before, and now I am doing most of my internet needs on
the iPhone.     Actually, I am just using the hotspot on it, and still doing most of my stuff on my old Android Alcatel 3V.


David Locklear
Novice Rawhide user

P.S.   I would like to give a shout out to my buddy, Flannigan.     In all my 25 plus years of using the internet, he is the
first person I have bumped into on the internet, that we knew from other hobbies, other than Linux.    I will let him explain that
if he wants.