I have the feeling that on two of my Zenbook(one running F25, one running F26) I face the same issue. But I have an intel GPU, what makes you think that this is related to nouveau(BZ 1435000)?
Since few kernel releases maybe 4.10+ and also 4.11 my laptops doesn't resume all the time from sleep, most of the time I have to restart them.

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Le jeudi 06 avril 2017 à 22:05 -0700, Paolo Galtieri a écrit :
   one of my systems suffers from a bug (BZ 1435000) in the latest 4.10 
kernels in which the monitor attached to the system does not wake up 
from sleep requiring me to reboot the system to recover. During the 
latest updates the 4.9.19 kernel was removed from my system, and is no 
longer available from the repositories.  Is there any way to make this 
kernel available so that I can re-install it to avoid rebooting the 
system if I step away from it for a while when running a 4.10 kernel?  
This issue may apply to others as well.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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