On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 10:58 PM Rick Stevens <ricks@alldigital.com> wrote:
On 07/23/2018 10:08 AM, Samuel Sieb wrote:
> On 07/23/2018 02:04 AM, Sudhir Khanger wrote:
>> Okay update time. Irrespective of where I install VirtualBox from if a
>> new kernel is installed then I have to manually create a new initramfs
>> otherwise systemd-modules-load.service fails at the boot.
> Yes, the self-compiled modules aren't created at the time the initramfs
> is created, so you have to add them yourself.  I guess virtualbox adds
> config to force its modules to be loaded and dracut expects those to be
> available in the initramfs.

Question, do you have the VirtualBox-kmodsrc RPM installed? I believe
that's necessary so kmod can rebuild the modules when the kernel is
updated. I don't use VirtualBox myself, so I can't speak to it.
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That is not the case when you use Oracle-provided VirtualBox builds. Akmod and kmod kernel modules are installed as a part of RPMFusion's version of VirtualBox.

Sudhir Khanger,