2006/2/23, Tim <ignored_mailbox@yahoo.com.au>:
On Thu, 2006-02-23 at 11:27 +0100, antonio montagnani wrote:
> It doesn't make any difference at all, as I expected, because other
> services through network are O.k.

And are those other services using IPv6, too?  *And* if they do, and
they work, do they also go through the proxy?

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sorry for the HTML, but I am  new to Gmail, so I am not sure where to switch off HTML (I hope now it is not HMTL!!!

How do I know if other services go through IPv6??? and why on the other network PC everything is o.k, wget, curl yum are o.k???

Also curl -v download.fedora.redhat.com has problems

* getaddrinfo(3) failed for download.fedora.redhat.com:80
* Couldn't resolve host 'download.fedora.redhat.com'
* Closing connection #0
curl: (6) Couldn't resolve ' download.fedora.redhat.com'

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