2015-11-06 19:16 GMT+01:00 Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin@wildblue.net>:
I don't usually do Fedora upgrades, normally a fresh install, but thought I'd try it on a Dell E4310 Notebook I have but rarely use. I updated Fedora-22, rebooted, and did "dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=23." It churned for a while and downloaded whatever it wanted. I left it and and spent some time mowing grass. There were some approvals it wanted, I gave them yeses and it quickly finished saying the F-23 install was complete.

I rebooted and it only offers to start from one of three F-22 kernels and that does result in running F-22.

However, that computer never shuts down F-22 cleanly, I always wind up forcing it off by holding the power button down 'til it stops. It sits there telling me it can't reach the NFS server, gets a time out and tries again, ad infinitum as far as I can tell? Dunno if that has an effect ...

Is there something I can do to salvage the install or should I just do what I know always works, a fresh install?


Bob Goodwin - Zuni, Virginia, USA
box10  FEDORA-23/64bit LINUX XFCE POP3

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 you completed the download phase, then  you should have issued
sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

Did you do??

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