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[perhaps off topic, but interesting security implications?]

I wonder if backdoors are installed to comply with
government & law enforcement requirements.  In the US,
Sen. Jay Rockefeller proposes to allow the POTUS to shutdown
public & private Internet for any reason they want?

Well back to Skype in the news:

Fact or hype?


Welcome to the Real World.... all your calls are belong to THE MAN (NSA)...

"SAFARI C(Cubed) is the only totally integrated carrier class VoIP switch that incorporates -- at no additional cost -- all of the components that make up the distributed voice switching infrastructure, eliminating the need for operators to purchase, maintain, upgrade and regression test separate Call Management Servers, Media Gateways, Call Detail Records (Record Keeping) Servers, Announcement Servers, Signaling Gateways, Ethernet Switches and Legal Intercept (CALEA) servers."