On Wed, 2 Oct 2019 at 12:59, Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin@fastmail.us> wrote:
On 10/01/19 19:04, Samuel Sieb wrote:
> If you have your access points all configured with the same SSID and
> password, there is no difference with a mesh system other than better
> speed.  Even with mesh, your device still has to switch access points
> when the current one is going out of range.  Just make sure that you
> are using them as access points and not routers.  No DHCP, no NAT. 
> Use the LAN port, not the WAN port.
> ____
That appears to fit my situation, I was considering a second one of my
ASUS RTN66 routers as an access point downstairs. Where my daughter
chose to set up her operating position seems to suffer a problem with
interference between the incident and reflected signals from any router
I have tried here more or less above her. I can use an iPad, whatever a
few feet away but moving a small amount at her spot causes the signal to

This is a very common scenario.   You could try putting the router upside-down
on the ceiling, although that may result in overheating (it is often hotter at the
ceiling and consumer devices are generally designed for passive cooling with 
air drawn in via side vents and out at the top).   Since that model has detachable 
antennae, you have the option to move them to a place that gives better coverage, 
such as hanging them from the ceiling.

George N. White III