Tim <ignored_mailbox@yahoo.com.au> wrote:
>> have the CPU op-code cheat sheet in the coat pocket... ;-)

> I memorized it and threw it away. Does that mean I fail the test?

If you code in pen and ink before even going near the computer, that

Back when I were a lad, we didn't use no debugger. We'd print the code,
and attack the printout with pencils out to mark all the bugs and
corrections, then type the changes back in.

Tim, waiting for one of the old codgers to tell us a tale of how they
had to make the valves and warm them up before starting... ;-)


Type them in?  I remember punching them in on  Hollerith cards.

Dropped a pile of them once. 

That motivated me to have the punch card machine to put sequence numbers
on the cards so that they could be resorted again.
punch card machine