On Wed, 4 Dec 2019 at 16:24, sixpack13 <sixpack13@online.de> wrote:
On 04.12.19 11:09, Eric Tsingos wrote:
> Had the same issue, blank window & freeze.
> The workaround I found was to use Anydesk Flatpak, seems to work OK!
> Cheers,

Thanks for testing and findings.

Care to tell which anydesk version you are running ?

anyway I tried to install it from flatpak, but the anydesk repo make
some trouble. so I currently can't test anydesk from flatpak.

I guess it's cause of an new anydesk release (5.5.1) from today


Last working version for me is 5.1.2 .
Been over the readme requirements, etc, all seems in order. Nothing immediately obvious troubleshooting wise.
Probably best to file a bug with anydesk.