Gordon, tnx for your reply...I understand that using pip install is deprecated, anyway I tried also pip3 uninstall as root but the reply was no pyorbital was installed.
A minor issue of course but how to have modules list similar if issued from help/modules (where pyorbital is listed) or pip3 list??

Antonio Montagnani

Linux Fedora 27(Workstation)
da/from Gmail

2018-01-24 3:25 GMT+01:00 Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer@gmail.com>:
On 01/23/2018 02:08 PM, Antonio M wrote:
Pyorbital cannot be installed via dnf (I didn't find any rpm in the repos). But this doesn't solve the issue of having pyorbital listed in help()/modules and not listed in pip3 list.

Is it possible that you installed pyorbital using "sudo pip install..." but you're trying to remove it as a non-root user?

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