fullsync uses sftp - i like it. http://fullsync.sourceforge.net I use it for win to linux syncing but i imagine it would work on any configuration as it runs off java.

On 3/18/06, Neil Cherry <ncherry@comcast.net> wrote:
Anne Wilson wrote:
> The scp man page is not very verbose ;-)  I want to copy a directory,
> recursively, over the lan, but only those files that are new or updated.
> MS-DOS could do this back in ...Ummm.... so I can't believe it can't be done
> in scp, but I can't see how to do it.

Another option is to use sitecopy, I use it to maintain my web
sites (which I keep a local copy of). I think you'll run into
the same problems as you are seeing now so it may not work any


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