On 10/15/19 18:51, Samuel Sieb wrote:
On 10/15/19 1:00 PM, Bob Goodwin wrote:
and that turns out to be the weak link. We live in a rural area and our power is reliable but I do get occasional monetary drops the make the UPS
s beep and apparently that is causing the Ethernet adapters to become unpaired. This morning I reset them and paired them hear at my computer where it is convent to do. put the second one downstairs where the A/P is and everything was restored. We cut the power at the circuit breaker while doing some electrical work and when we switched it back on the system was unpaired again. That explains the intermittent problem we are having with the internet connection, most likely due to minor glitches in power I suspect.

That is strange.  I have TP-Link ethernet over power adapters (can't check the model right now) and they don't have that problem.  I can unplug them and move them around and they always pair up again as soon as they're plugged in.

Yes I was surprises too. I have paired them plugged into the same outlet strip, one I have for convenience in testing things, then carry it downstairs and it works \, after rebooting the AP. I rebooted the last time I did it anyway, maybe it would have worked given more time.

I suspected a UPS might cause problems but was nit certain, there may be line noise  produced when it switches, if that's the sort of thing that is causing my problem.

These look like large white wall warts with three status lamps on the right side and a reset/pair button there also, attractive  design I suppose, suspect they are common model. I need to try their tech support, always a last resort from my experience but maybe they are better than some of the others I've tried ...


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