I recently purchased a new Pi 4 w/8GB in a CanaKit. That kit contains absolutely everything I needed to stand up a Pi 4b w/8GB and 32-bit Rasbpian/Debian (10) - with the exception of an HDMI flat panel monitor. The red & white plastic USB keyboard and mouse in the kit are as cheesey as they come, but they work. Fortunarely a Logitech Cordless Desktop also works perfectly with its little Logi USB dongle. And the WiFi DHCP also works just fine.

I haven't quite confirmed the bad news yet, and that's that the Fedora-Workstation-32-1.6.aarch64.raw.xz image cannot be installed on the Pi 4b. Something was reportedly still incomplete upstream in this April 24 release. That's a shame because I despise Rasbpian. The only promising lead I've found is https://medium.com/ironhaul/installing-64-bit-fedora-on-thIte-raspberry-pi-4-d4a665ea65d3.

The author, Miki Shapiro reports "Sadly, Fedora does not currently support [as of April 5] the Pi 4b, its u-boot boot loader doesn't fit the Pi 4b like a glove, and the kernels as of this moment do not run stable on the Pi 4b model or support some of its hardware." He goes on to say "This guide will show how to put the above together in minimally working order. Because I need to repeat shi a lot, I cut some Ansible code to do it all."

I've been threatening to dig into Ansible, and this sounds like the right project to begin with. The Pi 4b with 8GB of RAM finally has enough real memory to graduate from a toy to a tiny workstation class. Furthermore, I believe I will be able to install Fedora 32 on and boot it from a USB 3.1 thumb drive rather than a microSD card, very significantly improving the r/w speeds for the OS itself. As of July 21 04:22 there's a Fedora-Server-dvd-aarch64-Rawhide-20200721.n.0.iso that may have three critical months worth of catch-up improvements from upstream.

I won't be able to get working on this until next week at the earliest. If you can take this info and give us a breakthrough before then, all virtual beers will pour your way.

--Doc Savage
     Fairview Heights, IL

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I am looking forward to reading about how Fedora performs on the upcoming Raspberry Pi 4, with 8 GB of RAM.

David Locklear
Novice Rawhide user