Hello everyone! I am a newcomer who'd like to contribute to the translation :)

Name: Edward Zhang
Lacation: Hunan Province, China
Login: edwardzcn
Language: zh_cn
Major: Computer Science

About me:
As a student whose major is CS, I'm really interested in Open Source Software. So I find Fedora! BTW I also want to learn some practical knowledge about OS :)
Basketball and photography are my best two hobbies.

The Fedora Project and me: To be honest, I haven't learned much about the project. Contributing to translation is my first step, also a wonderful way to familiar with the project and the community. I think I will try to code for the project (C++/Python/Go) later.

Fingerprint: B4AB 40CC F607 DDD6 416A  00C6 27F5 9F82 38BF E990