Bom dia equipe de tradução...

Tenho acompanhado os e-mails e os movimentos feitos pelo firemanxbr... realmente conseguiu agitar, organizar uma equipe e colocar a roda pra girar... parabéns a todos que estão envolvidos e fazendo com que a tradução pt-br avance.

Dedicarei tempo a um novo projeto, portanto vou tirar meu time de campo :-|

Grato por toda a ajuda e sucesso na empreitada.

-- Paulo K

2014-07-19 9:00 GMT-03:00 <>:
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   1. Re: [Fedora] Plan Stage 0: Move to Zanata (Marcelo Barbosa)


Message: 1
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:50:04 -0300
From: Marcelo Barbosa <>
To: Noriko Mizumoto <>,         Fedora Infrastructure
Cc:,,  Fedora
        Translation Project List <>
Subject: Re: [Fedora] Plan Stage 0: Move to Zanata
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   How can we translate the Zanata to pt-BR ? When entering [1] we realized
that we don't have access to pt-BR in the Group "Zanata" and in the project
"Zanata server" we need to do some process?




On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 11:02 AM, Noriko Mizumoto <>

> (This mail is cc'd to Infra and websites teams as this activity may
> impact Infra and websites teams.)
> Hi all translators,
> With all suggestions/ideas/info posted by all of you, I had first meetup
> with zanata team to draft a plan to start with. I like to share the news
> I got from zanata team here. I will update the plan page with the
> following information later tomorrow. The move will occur in parallel as
> suggested. The communication channels with zanata team are zanata-users
> ML [1] and #zanata channel on freenode. Due to the limited
> capacity/resource of zanata team, posting to ML would be appreciated
> than pinging on irc.
> I thank you so much to Zanata team!
> Stage 0 - Establish Test Instance on Openshift
> Available at:
> Period: 4 weeks
> * This is trial run. Log in with FAS account and create new zanata
> account, and play. It is important to be loud and file a bug for any
> request [1]. Please make sure to append "[Fedora]" at the beginning of
> the subject. This will give a bug priority ;p
> E.g. [Fedora] Organization feature is needed.
> Stage 1 - Establish (FAS only instance)
> Available at: TBA
> Period: n/a
> * This will contain only essential items, no history is imported. First
> every language coordinator needs to create new account and become your
> team coordinator. And then the coordinators will help and approve other
> translators to join. Note, there is no auto or transparent migration.
> Stage 2 - Import history and Add features requested
> Available at: TBA
> Period: n/a
> * History (such as reviewed marks, notification, translator credit per
> msg) and any additional feature requested (and approved) will be
> migrated. It is essential to evaluate and decide what level of history
> to be imported (or may be given up).
> [1]:
> cheers
> noriko
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