On Wednesday 16 December 2015 01:37 PM, Andrea Masala wrote:
Thank you Noriko to sharing this report of FAD.

I'm a newbie of l10n and I don't know perfectly english language.
That's is perfectly fine, As far as i know most of people here have English as a second language. :)

For this I understand the importance of translation team, and I thank you very much for this optimism injection by your report and your new ideas for this team.

I hope one day to attend a fedora meeting, like a fad, perhaps again in Japan that I love :-D

Definitely, we certainly wish more contributors come forward and make Fedora Globalization activities strong.

In between, indeed nice report Noriko !!

Pravin Satpute

Best regards.


2015-11-27 11:05 GMT+01:00 Noriko Mizumoto <noriko@fedoraproject.org>:

As all we know, we had successful and memorable first G11N FAD 2015 in
Tokyo between 1st to 3rd November. It was already a month ago, but just
thought that it might be good to share the summary report what I
discussed with others and some achievement for mainly Localization.
I also like to attach the overall summary prepared by Jens [1] and the
stsatus presentation slide for L10N and FLTG prepared by Ani [2], thanks

[DAY 1]
We, l10n, fltg, i18n, zanata, all got together and presented the status
each other. During hackathon, I have worked and created 'G11N'
presentation slide with other members. This will be available on G11N
wiki page. In the evening, we also had hangout talk and shared ideas
with Cambodian team joining FAD online.

[DAY 2]
In the morning, we all had hangout talk and shared ideas with Fedora
Project Leader, Matthew. As part of hackaton, I have joined the
discussion about new FGSCo structure proposal to strengthen our team as
one G11N. Then I joined the hackathon of recent zanata survey feedback
analysis. It was fun and fruitful dinner gathering at the end.

[DAY 3]
L10N team and FLTG discussed to determine important packages to
localize, giving priority. So that translators can easily find which
package to start without asking around. The deprecated packages list has
also been updated. In order to achieve this, we had a lot of help from
I18N team members as well. I have had proposed 'software deadline change
for F24' and discussed with others. We arrived the consensus no-go for
this proposal, instead I18N members will start seeking and developing a
script to auto-detect string breaks. L10N members will monitor the
breaks closer and produce statistics.
As future F24 planning, we L10N members aim to hold more local


Thanks for reading :-)

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