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The Mindshare Committee is working on establishing a new quarterly report. As I went to convert it into a CommBlog post[0], I realized that we were only covering the teams that have reps on Mindshare. I would like to invite the Translations Team to submit additions for the report on the corresponding ticket [1]. I will then add them to the CommBlog draft and get it published.

A couple notes:
- Participation is optional
- Submissions should be in bullet form, not paragraphs
- Please include any relevant links
- This report intends to cover activity during Oct-Nov-Dec of 2021
- There is a "Help Wanted" section that all teams are welcome to add to
- Please submit by end of day Sunday January 16th

If the team wants to skip this one and participate in a later report, that is totally okay. We will also work to gather additions earlier in the process next time around. 

[0] https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/review-publish-mindshare-quarterly-report-q4-2021/35909
[1] https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/306



Marie Nordin

Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator

Red Hat Fedora Project


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