Hi Everyone,

We have added an another set of languages[1] making the count of 40.
Please help us identifying more languages/packages.

Hoping transtats would be of some help in the process!


[1] http://transtats.xyz/settings/languages

Use Cases

Q) What is translation completeness of a package, say gnome-initial-setup, for fedora 29? Is it in sync - are all translations done at platform packaged and built in koji?
A) http://transtats.xyz/translation-status/package/gnome-initial-setup
    90 packages are added as of now, which are pointing to 3 translation platforms.

Q) How many packages are out-of-sync for fedora 29? And for which languages?
A) http://transtats.xyz/translation-status/packages
    Please select individual package to see language details.

Q) How to see translation status for a package built in koji for other build_tags?
A) Please run a job at http://transtats.xyz/jobs/yml-based

Q) What is estimated translation volume for fedora 29 across 90 packages for 40 Languages?
A) http://transtats.xyz/translation-status/release/fedora-29
     Please switch to "Language Wise" view for insights.

On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 7:30 PM, Sundeep Anand <suanand@redhat.com> wrote:
Thank you Balázs,

I think, we can add Hungarian to the next language set to get added. Actually, we are working on whole new UI and have plans for i18n support along with.