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On Wed, 27 May 2020, 15:02 Afeld, <feldsherov@ya.ru> wrote:
Alexander Felda, Russian language.

Name: Alexander Felda, Moscow, Russia.
Login: afeld
Language for translation: English.
Profession: System administrator, programmer, technical writer.
Qualification: Engineer in the field of computer networks and computer
About me: For the past 15 years, I have been involved in projects to
deploy enterprise computer networks based on Fedora and RHEL software.
In these projects, he performed the following roles: network
architecture developer, system administrator, programmer (Bash, Perl),
technical writer. I had to install and debug services: routing, network
filtering, Squid proxy, antivirus protection, DNS, FTP, NTP, OpenSSH,
OpenSSL, OpenLDAP, Sendmail, Apache, Samba, Bacula, MySQL, and so on.
During my participation in these projects, I have accumulated a lot of
translations from English of various technical documents (manual, guide,
HOWTO). Now I have more free time and I would like to try to use this
reserve to translate Fedora documents into Russian, for example,
Installation Guide, System Administrator's Guide or manuals. I am a
supporter of free software and would like to contribute to its promotion
(in the hope that these translations may be useful to someone).
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