Dear All,

Please ignore the links I have provided in the earlier email. The page for I18n test day is [1] and all details pertaining to the testing is available here.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused.


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Subject: Fedora 20 I18n test day is tomorrow (10/29/13)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 13:41:23 +0530
From: Ani Peter <>
Organization: Red Hat
To: Fedora Translation Project List <>, For testing and quality assurance of Fedora releases <>

Dear All,

I18n test day for Fedora 20 is scheduled for tomorrow as conveyed 
earlier. Details are at [1].

The image details for testing is available at [2] and the test cases are 
ready and being updated by the i18n team [3].

Kindly participate in the testing and make your language work perfectly 
on Fedora 20.

Thanking you
Best regards
Ani Peter
FLTG Member

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