Thanks, Paul. I will manually replace all error syntax asap. By the way, should we change this template to irc://xxx or just keep ?

在 2012-2-29 上午1:14,"Paul W. Frields" <>写道:
On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 04:27:09PM +0800, Christopher Meng wrote:
> Hi everyone.I'm start replacing every IRC channel link with a template
> called fpchat.It was created by Paul W. Frields.Today I did some small
> changes to this template and now it can be displayed in a beautiful
> way(
> I hope every translator can do the same changes to their translated
> page.
> Thanks.
> Best Regards,
> Christopher Meng------'Cicku'

Hi Christopher,

I'm glad you found this template useful.  However, as you use it to
replace IRC channel references in wiki pages, please make sure that
you also edit to remove redundant references to Freenode.  In other
words, if the original source reads:

 Come to IRC Freenode and visit us on #fedora-websites

You should be editing to replace this with:

 Come visit us on {{fpchat|#fedora-websites}}

This will replace the text to read:

 Come visit us on IRC Freenode #fedora-websites

The reason I did not use "IRC Freenode" in the original template text
is that I can't know which pages would have this redundant text, and
which would not.  However, I *can* assume that wherever
"#channel-name" appears, it will be OK to make that text link to the
appropriate URL.

Changing any template has effects on a large number of pages, so if
you are changing the template, you need to be prepared to either make
fixes on all the pages that use it, or make very small changes that
are unlikely to affect the pages negatively.  Thanks for contributing.

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