Hi Edward,

Welcome to Fedora. If you have time, try out Weblate, the translation platform that is expected to be used for Fedora and is currently being tested. The process to try the testing version for Fedora is from an earlier email by Jean-Baptiste Holcroft:

Here is the process to give it a try:

1. Connect https://translate.stg.fedoraproject.org/projects/
2. Log in with your FAS account
3. Start translating (the three available projects are related to our
   documentation and contains general purpose content)
4. You’ll see the result on https://docs.stg.fedoraproject.org (it is
   updated once a day)
5. Send your feedback and question on our translation mailing list so
   we can do our best to find the right configuration of the tool for
   our community



On 11/13/19 2:32 PM, Chuannan Zhang wrote:
Hello everyone! I am a newcomer who'd like to contribute to the translation :)

Name: Edward Zhang
Lacation: Hunan Province, China
Login: edwardzcn
Language: zh_cn
Major: Computer Science

About me:
As a student whose major is CS, I'm really interested in Open Source Software. So I find Fedora! BTW I also want to learn some practical knowledge about OS :)
Basketball and photography are my best two hobbies.

The Fedora Project and me: To be honest, I haven't learned much about the project. Contributing to translation is my first step, also a wonderful way to familiar with the project and the community. I think I will try to code for the project (C++/Python/Go) later.

Fingerprint: B4AB 40CC F607 DDD6 416A  00C6 27F5 9F82 38BF E990


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