Name: Daniel da Silva
Location: Galicia, Spain
Login: dasilva
Language: Spanish, portuguese
Profession or student status: Degree in mechanical engineering student
About You: Sharing a passion between cars and computers, I like to experiment with all kind of open platforms that can help me take advantage of software and electronics (Raspberry Pi, Arduino). I dedicate some time to mantain a group of websites, too.
You and the Fedora Project: Fedora user since Verne (Fedora 16), interested in computers and electronics since I can remember. Fedora and other FOSS gave me the oportunity to take the advantage of not so modern hardware, since I like to use things until they have been well used, and to learn the versatility it can offer for all kind of platforms. Now I'll try to give it something back (not as a favor, but as gratitude) and starting by helping to make some translations where it can be needed, maybe other areas in the future. I'll try to understand all these platforms where Fedora development moves, hope I'm making the right moves.
GPG KEYID and fingerprint: 72A8BE53 / C0D1 5CC7 0ABD 314A 3B84  49EE A113 46A1 72A8 BE53