I think the idea to take them to docs is way better. If well wiki pages are easier to write, are harder to mantain and harder to get them visibility, both things are really well managed by the docs systems. Also, if you requier some help, you can ask the docs team and they reply really quick.


El mar., 11 jun. 2019 a las 11:03, Jean-Baptiste Holcroft (<jean-baptiste@holcroft.fr>) escribió:
Le 2019-06-11 11:00, Brian (bex) Exelbierd a écrit :
> Have you considered putting this into docs.fedoraproject.org?  This
> would get it more visibility and durability.

Taking a subset of our L10N wiki page can be a good idea, I assume first
step is to have a seat for Localization in Mindshare, so we officially
exists in Fedora's governance. In my flock submission, question about
being part of Mindshare is one of the subjects:

But the more pages we have, the more work it creates to keep it up to
date... Wiki edition is easier than doc writing and still, many pages
are obsolete.

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