Hi Everyone,

Transtats[1] has been into development for a while now, and has some interesting results. It talks to translation platforms (DamnedLies and Zanata), Releases (Schedule and Build System) and Git repository of a package which creates possibilities doing multiple tasks. One of them is finding translation gaps[2]. Lets talk a bit on use cases:

Q) What is translation completeness of a package, say abrt, for fedora 28? Is it in sync - are all translations done at platform packaged and built in koji?
A) http://transtats.xyz/translation-status/package/abrt
    40 packages[3] are added as of now, which are pointing to 3 translation platforms[4].

Q) How many packages are out-of-sync for fedora 28? And for which languages?
A) http://transtats.xyz/translation-status/packages
    Please select individual package to see language details.

Q) How to see translation status for a package built in koji for other build_tags?
A) Please run a job at http://transtats.xyz/jobs/yml-based

Q) What is estimated translation volume for fedora 28 across 40 packages?
A) http://transtats.xyz/translation-status/release/fedora-28
    Please switch to "Language Wise" view for insights.

Q) How to look at translation coverage of a package set for f28 in, say, 10 languages?
A) We can create graph rules. For example: for, say, "rhinstaller" component/package-set, we have
    Graph: http://transtats.xyz/translation-coverage/?rule=rhinstaller
    Rule:  http://transtats.xyz/settings/graph-rules

This seems quite helpful to developers, i18n quality engineers and l10n-team. Please see quick start[5] doc to get started and for FAQs. Complete docs are stored at http://docs.transtats.org/en/latest/

In this development stream, next step is to compare POT and PO, both from all three locations and see reasons behind string breakage. We are working with fedora-infra team for deployment[6]. We would request you to give it a try and share feedback / comments / suggestions - to make this better!


irc: suanand

[1] http://transtats.org/
[2] https://pagure.io/g11n/issue/39
[3] http://transtats.xyz/settings/packages
[4] http://transtats.xyz/settings/translation-platforms
[5] http://transtats.xyz/quick-start
[6] https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/6459