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2017-04-04 23:53 GMT+02:00 Alex Eng <>:

First of all, thanks for the feedback. Zanata team always value and welcome feedback from users which helps Zanata to become what it is today.

As you might have aware, Zanata is handling large volumn of requests from our users and we are trying our best to accommodate all feedback.

I'm sorry if this issue has cause any inconvenient to you, but we are certainly looking at improving the project/version page.

Improve project version page:
Similar request:
Original request:

On Tue, Apr 4, 2017 at 5:51 PM, Balázs Meskó <> wrote:
Exactly! The groups functionality works for me as a clunky workaround (I am only translating), but this "project before locale" setup is annoying.

I suggest you opening a ticket in Zanata JIRA - even though our similar ticket is still there after a year, with zero responses.


2017. ápr. 4. de. 8:45 ezt írta ("Gianluca Sforna" <>):
On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 1:59 PM, Alex Eng <> wrote:
> Zanata have extensive api which you can use to gather stats:
> To get a list of contributors over a period of time for a project version:

I find these API endopoints really useful. However, I'd really love to
have them available somewhere in the Zanata interface, at least for
language coordinators.

As a coordinator for italian, I find Zanata rather cumbersome to use
for my purposes; I'd need some views over the Zanata data focused on
the language rather than the project.

So for instance, when I log in there is no way to (in no particular order):
- determine the latest projects my translators worked on
- observe which projects are lagging behind the base language
- measure how are we doing compared to the previous cycle

After few years since its introduction, I have seen many improvements
on the tool, but the fundamental issue I had with it when we switched
from transifex is still there: it looks much more focused on the
project maintainer side than on the translators one

If any Zanata developer is here, I'd love to provide some more
feedback on the things I think it misses in order to make it much more
useful for translators.



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