Thank you so much Rafal, 

putting this in detail and making us heading towards identification of next set of languages to get added. 
Let me take a deeper look on locale variants and their translators. I guess with a study we can sort this.

Hope to update on this shortly.


On Sat, May 26, 2018 at 6:38 PM, Rafal Luzynski <> wrote:
25.05.2018 17:17 Sundeep Anand <> wrote:
>  Hi Everyone,
>  We have added an another set of languages[1] making the count of 40.

Thanks, great job!

>  Please help us identifying more languages/packages.

1. I think that a list of languages in Zanata has disappeared recently. :-(

   I think that you have not included all languages of India but I leave
   the final decision to you.

3. What about British English? Should we treat US English as a basic
   language and UK English as needing its own translation or ignore the

   Sort by the number of L1 speakers descending. I think that this list
   is little misleading because for example it lists multiple dialects
   of German and Italian as separate languages while (AFAIK) they are not
   supported by any software. So here is a list of languages spoken by more
   than 1 million people in Europe which you have not yet included:
   Armenian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Albanian, Finnish, Slovak,
   Norwegian (you may distinguish between Norwegian Nynorsk and Norwegian
   Bokmål), Tatar, Catalan, Georgian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Bosnian,
   Galician, Slovene (or Slovenian), Latvian, Romani, Chechen, Macedonian,
   Bashkir, Estonian, Chuvash, Kazakh. You may remove from this list the
   languages which don't have active translators.

4a. I apologize other continents for my lack of knowledge of their languages.

5. I think it is worth checking if these languages which are official
   languages of some countries or territories have actual active translators:
   Welsh, Maltese, Azerbaijani, Luxembourgish, Icelandic, Montenegrin,
   Irish, Scots, Faroese.

6. Also I think we should include Friulian and Scottish Gaelic due to
   their very active translators.

7. Serbian may need two variants: Cyrillic and Latin. If you support only
   one variant then maybe you should write which one you support. You may
   ask the actual translators for their opinion. The same may apply to
   Kazakh language.

>  Hoping transtats would be of some help in the process!
>  thanks,
>  sundeep
>  [1]

Thank you for your effort, Sundeep.