2017-01-19 23:08 GMT+01:00 Rafal Luzynski <digitalfreak@lingonborough.com>:
> Dnia 19 styczeń 2017 o 04:10 Noriko Mizumoto <noriko@fedoraproject.org>
> napisał(a):
> Hi all my friend translators
> Some might notice that my contribution has started decreasing/stopping
> sometime ago. I still have had regular checks in my inbox and tried my
> best to address if I was needed. However, now I stop contributing
> completely, and I will no longer check any mail coming in. I am feeling
> very sad that this has to happen.
> It was a pleasure for me to involve Fedora Localization team since it's
> birth. I had been having a lot of support and help from everyone of you.
> I had learned a lot from you. It was fun days! I thank you all so much.
> And I would like to thank you especially Dimitris Glezos and Piotr Drag
> who have always been with me and helping me but whom I couldn't meet and
> tell my thank face to face right to the end.
> I am proud of myself being a part of this community.
> Good bye all and see you sometime, somewhere!
> noriko

Hi Noriko,

It's really sad to read these news. But also I believe they mean something
good for you. It was a big privilege, honor and pleasure to meet you and it
will be even bigger privilege, honor and pleasure if it happens to see
you ever in future. Thank you for your contributions and good luck for you!

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