Alright, thank you a lot! By the way, do I have be in the new “L10N” FAS group?

On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 03:35 Tiansworld <> wrote:
On 19/3/2020 1:44 pm, Harry wrote:
> Thank you for your suggestion a lot! So could I join the  L10N FAS group
> or I still have something to do? I can do program some program in C++
> (since I use that to do competition), but I definitely will have to
> learn more in order to better contribute. Anyway, thanks a lot!

Hi Harry,
Welcome to join L10n team.
The Fedora L10n platform has been migrated to Weblate, since you have
FAS ID, you can head to the new platform[1] directly to get familiar
with the new platform and start your contribution.

The old Zanata platform is no longer used and you don't need to request
to join in there.

For details about how L10n works and translating experiences or tips,
please read the wiki pages here[2,3].

By the way, you've been approved in cvsl10n(Fedora Translator Group),
and Simplified Chinese mailing list.



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