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On 17.10.2016 06:29, Besnik Bleta wrote:
Hello again,

Hello all,

As others said, this thread started in a wrong place, adding to
suspects. If one is interested in furthering a project, the project
infrastructure is the right place to do so. Thereís no obligation for
anybody to follow others in a multitude of channels, even less for a
coordinator. Extra communication channels are not welcomed from Fedora,
as long as you deal with Fedora thing. Otherwise you could keep your
translation activity happily on your infrastructure, without bothering
to complain here about whatever.

I believe that this is known to Azizaj, thatís why she asked for our
mailing list to be created, registered and left it, after being refused
to be appointed the maintainer of the sq list. (At that time I didnít
see any reason why should I have it granted to her, someone without any
translation contribution at the time. And I donít see any now, either.
Just asking for it doesnít qualify for a reason.)

As I have informed you before, regarding our Zanata albanian
coordinator, 6 months ago, when we were working hard on translating, we
spoke with Besnik (Anxhelo was the one that contacted him) on trans-sq
mailing list. He proposed, and we agreed, that in a 6 month period of
time we would pick the most active person in localization and in the end
we would create a poll to agree whom would be the new coordinator.
The offer was purely mine, not any obligatory step required from Fedora.
I thought it would help furthering the translation project, after seeing
15 or so new contributors registering. Reviewing their translations,
mainly in anaconda, I saw substantial differences with what I would have
the translation look like. So I had to choose between refusing
them--thus giving a hard blow to someone in the first his/her steps of
---or moving over and leave the project. I choose the later, but with
That is surprising. Is there only Yes and No or Black and White? You guys can't discuss and find compromises in order to improve translations that are not to the desired standards? Can't believe all translations were bad. Quite radical step to leave the community because not being able to have a productive discussion about quality improvements...
the condition--and thatís the part missing in Azizajís
interpretation--of having the contributors work and grow and have an
idea (based on that) about who would be the best candidate. In the
coordination list I didnít see any message related to those matters,
which youíd expected from new contributors, people without experience in
translating and handling translation process, unfamiliar with any
terminology used before their arrival, and so on and so forth. In Zanata
is still hard to have a detailed view about whoís best in contributing,
or comparative contribution statistics. So you would guess that nothing
or little is happening.

Anaconda had the main contributions, and I approved those in late April,
having expressed my concerns explained above about the quality of the
contributions, about which I never heard a word from any of the

I had a look in Zanata about sq contributors. From 18 of them, according
to Zanata, 14 have no contribution at all in the last two months. One
has contributed around 1600 word and another over 130. I would have
expected more and I do have my suspects about why it didnít happen.
More? 1600 words in 2 months is a substantial contribution! Who dictates how much each collaborator has to contribute?
Statistics about the growth and individual activity would be welcomed
here to create an idea about the situation.

So far, itís hard to keep track of translation progress in Zanata, so
going for translation list, where any contributor can ask about review,
would have been an easy way to nurture collaboration. Silence was chosen
instead. Iíd like to know the reasons for such choice.

From what described above, my idea is that no substantial contribution
was made for six months. So the condition I ha in mind was not met.
Therefore I had no reason to abandon the project to people with little
interest in itself (feel free to speculate regarding other reasons)

And thatís why I refused to transfer the project to anyone.

In doing so, I believe I have not violated any Fedora policy.

Now that 6 months passed by, we contacted him again on how we would
proceed and his answer was that we were not active enough and we weren't
using the mailing list. (Attached you will find the email in Albanian
where we contacted Besnik). We found this really disappointing and
demotivating on continuing contributing in localization, one of the
areas that we consider as a high priority for our community.
I disagree firmly here. The translations, or any project, shouldnít be
influenced from priorities of extra Fedora projects. These can have a
life on its own. Itís not translationís duty to feed them.

As a result of the non consistency of Besnik's behavior many members are
likely not to continue contributing since none of their translations
have not been approved for months. Sadly we are in a situation where
there are many active contributors, the community is growing in many
areas, except localization where some are pulled off by the fact that
the strings are not being approved.
Again, I provided above the statistics about the last two months, and
those hardly sustain your claims.

If this situation and behavior continues our community members will
probably stop contributing in localization because:
You just started--and free from real translation review (remember that I
bulk approved anaconda strings) and are threatening to leave?!? I wonder
if this kind of primadona behaviour would be acceptable in other,
consolidated communitiesÖ (Iíd like to hear Dengís comments on this.)

* We have invited Besnik to join our activities in person but he has
not joined them. We strongly believe that meeting in person always
helps in this situation, but unfortunately he has not joined us.
I canít join, as I live abroad, first, and second, because I donít agree
with your parent organization in many key points and practices.

To be clear, our purpose is not to remove Besnik, but to add other
coordinators, whom should be more active and approve the translations
(if they are correct).
If I stay, and reject the translations I think should be rejected, would
the contributors feel more motivated? See? To make you happy I should
go, so youíre effectively asking for it.[1]
This is not about rejecting and thus forcing people away or leaving. You guys should learn to collaborate: Translate, Review, Improve, Enjoy!


We hope our request to have more coordinators for translations (which
will result in approving the translations faster) gets approved and
contributors don't get demotivated.
I hope that doesnít happen impos

ers. That would set a
dangerous precedent Fedora. Iíd rather leave than seeing Fedora going in
that path.

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