On Thu, Mar 19, 2020, at 4:01 AM, Harry wrote:
Name: Harry
Location: San Jose, CA, US (Was born in Beijing, China)
Language: Simplified Chinese
About Me: Hi, my name is Harry and I love fedora, I mainly use Fedora to do OI (Olympiad in Informatics) problems and prepare for USACO. I can say that Fedora provided me a stable & good platform and I think it is time to contribute. However, my coding skills, are mainly bare algorithm related and it may not be very useful for contributing to fedora project (since bare algorithms are very far away from the reality), so I think I may use my bilingual advantages to help translate.

I was born in Beijing, but now I am studying in San Jose. Chinese is my native language and I can use it to express ideas very fluently. I can use English for daily conversation & school, (By the way, I got A in my recent Language Arts grade) I love reading technology related text in English (especially about operating systems). I acknowledge that I may not be able to use English to express my self as a native speaker, but I think I can "well-understand" the sentence in English and translate them to Chinese. I actually tried to do some translation on translate.fedoraproject.org before I wrote this email and I think I can deal with that.
You and the Fedora Project: I am interested in the Fedora Education & Fedora Games, but Fedora Translation is definitely my first priority.
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Thanks a lot!

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你好紅橋 (Welcome Harry)
Programming skills are quite useful. There are a number of applications where efficient implementations are helpful. This usually requires involvement in upstream development, which then enables one to do high quality packaging. Might also examine Kernel and Scitech: