On 18 October 2016 at 14:55, Anxhelo Lushka <anxh3l0@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
Hello everyone,

As Pravin said, I think the points are clear now. I would like to propose a solution for this problem so I'm applying for SQ reviewer. I think it would solve this issue and we will of course start to use the trans-sq mailing list further on to discuss further on.

Also, I have been working on creating a special vocabulary with the most used terms and the most appropriate translation for them, so it can be easily accessed by existing and new contributors, to use them in their localizations and to be consistent.

Thanks Anxhelo for initiating it. Besnik is managing group from long time and we must respect his decision. Lets see whats Besnik thinks about it.
Again i strongly feel, we must give opportunities to new members and mentor them.

We have few open issues to discuss specifically from Trans perspective, i am soon planning meeting for it. Mostly European TZ this time. If no solution happens lets discuss in meeting and see what can we do.