+1, to what Göran said, from the Danish team.

// Kris

Den 02/02/2013 22.27 skrev "Göran Uddeborg" <goeran@uddeborg.se>:
> 4. To let you work on new languages or new websites without loosing
> the visitors with a too light translation, we will start pulling
> only PO files translated at least with 30% of completion.

> I am not sure if we want to make this websites dependant (like 50%
> of start.fpo Vs 50% of spins.fedoraproject.org).

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.  I do agree that a page
where every fifth string is translated doesn't give a good impression.
I don't know how others do, but but when I translate websites, I try
to do it page by page.  And if e.g. the front page of fp.o is fully
translated for a language, and many others pages are not, I still
think it would make sense to show the translated front page.

So I would like to have the limit per page, rather than per site.  If
that isn't technically possible, I would prefer not to have any limit
at all.

If you put the requirement on all websites together, as you seem to
contemplate, then I think you are effectively making it impossible for
us in small teams to ever have any translations used at all.

> 5.

> Here, on the websites team, we are going to pull reviewed translations only.

> Please every coordinators, tell me if this is something that you
> don't want for your team.

Like several other coordinators have said, the Swedish team is too
small for a review requirement to make sense.  It's just me most of
the time.  If I ever manage to recruit an other (active) members, it
might change.  But for now, don't activate it for Swedish.

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