Based on my experience on Polish language, if there is nobody currently contributing (i.e. You can check F33 or Rawhide, if those are translated), I'd suggest skipping "suggestions" part and just provide translation. Otherwise if current translator is not active, you may stuck in suggestion limbo forever and nothing may be as demotivating. 

If someone is already contributing to new translations, either write directly to them, or start thread on language-specific translation mailing group. 

Also welcome to the project! :) 

Best regards, 

W dniu 25.05.2021 o 18:34 Natacha Rault pisze:

I am new to fedora, and was looking for an activity to help the project. I figured out with some help that I could translate some of your docs into French. I started on web translate, and wonder what to do next to have the changes validated. 

I have started to suggest translations in French, and I would like to be put in contact with the francophone coordinator, if such a person exist in Fedora. 

Also I would like to know if there is a policy  concerning the use of inclusive language in French. I have opened a diversity ticket here https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/204

I am also looking for the translation project and translation guidelines !

Warm regards, 


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