Thanks, and good morning.

That's precisely what I'm doing.
The particular list is private and i'm sadly still waiting for the approval to the subscription. it was the very first thing i tried to do as soon as i created this account. :(

And like I've said and was considered a priority: focusing on How to contribute side and correcting some typos at first.

thanks for the tips.

// pedro andrade

On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 6:48 AM, Jean-Baptiste Holcroft <> wrote:
Le 01/11/2016 à 02:06, Pedro Manuel de Andrade a écrit :
Dear all.
I'm fairly new to the project and to the community, as you all know. I’ve told myself that ill be focusing  primarily on translating the wiki as much as possible. But, the wiki page is indeed very vast, so I have talked to the only known active Portuguese Ambassador (@nunor5) and defined that inside the wiki, and giving the current situation of portuguese (portugal) contributors or lack there of, the first part of the wiki I shall tackle the how to contribute to fedora.

it’s very important for newcomers to know how to transform the enthusiasm of the community and of sing Fedora into productive energy, in my opinion.
I’ve already edited a bit the wiki frontpage, and I'll soon be heading towards the proposed objective.

If you have any pointers, pro-tips or advices, they’ll be more than welcome.
Regards and have a great Halloween.
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Hi Pedro, and welcome

you may start by joining trans-pt mailing list and try to discuss with old members to make that mailing list public:

you update the PT page team and add you name and a short description to it.

to translate a wiki page, you need to use this template:

you'll find full information in this page

I suggest to check if already existing pages are up-to-date and to take your time, content changes quite often!

have a nice day

Jean-Baptiste Holcroft

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