Zanata should update the stats when file is upload. I think this might be an issue with caching used in Zanata for the statistics.

I managed to fix

But still having issue with

Looking into it.

On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 2:13 AM, Yuri Chornoivan <> wrote:
середа, 29-бер-2017 21:59:26 Alex Eng написано:
> Zanata have extensive api which you can use to gather stats:
> To get a list of contributors over a period of time for a project version:
> est-api-docs/resource_ProjectVersionResource.html#resource_ProjectVersionRes
> ource_getContributors_GET
> To get the stats for a particular individual:
> est-api-docs/resource_StatisticsResource.html#resource_StatisticsResource_ge
> tContributionStatistics_GET


Is it possible to fix Zanata to update stats after uploading PO files?

Examples (Ukrainian (uk) catalogues, 100% at the right pane but not in the
middle list):

A way to reproduce:

1. Download PO.

2. Translate something offline.

3. Upload the results.

Actual results: stats in the major lists is not updated. Looks like the "lazy"
updating that is never happened. :(

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards,
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