On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 4:32 PM, Xavier Conde Rueda <xavi.conde@gmail.com> wrote:

2009/4/4 Rui Gouveia <rui.gouveia@globaltek.pt>:
> Hi,
> Does something happen yesterday with Tx?
> The anaconda is now perfect, but we lost the work done in "Various"
> (paprefs and pavucontrol).

when you suspect that there can be such an issue, you should take a
look at the project's actual repository, for instance using the web
interface. You can take a look at the history to determine whether the
work was lost or it's just a tx error.

As Transifex works as a bridge between translators and repositories of projects, there is no way to lost a work done in the previous day if the commit was successfully.
Every single commit done on Transifex pushes the changeset to the upstream repository at the same time that it's executed.
In fact, the stats of Transifex reflect the upstream repository as it is.


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