Another test I did:
Both links below

open "Magazine/Magazine_Team" wiki page.

I would expect that the second link should not work and I should get message that the page does not exist

Could it be there are 2 wiki pages having different web link but the same content (and the language box is "confused")?

Wiki page, section "Magazine Contributors" - link provided there leads to - is that mistake or correct? (the link works with or without "/Magazine" anyway)

Wiki page, section "Administering the Magazine" - link provided there leads to (e.g. link includes "/Magazine").
If I remove "/Magazine", link leads nowhere which is expected. (Wiki works without any issue)

On 16 March 2018 at 23:25, zdenek <> wrote:
I saw this as well. It confused me and that's why I thought I had messed up the page level order.
The discrepancy I see on "":
1) If I hover the mouse over the "English (en)" of the language box, the web browser shows the path: ""
2) But if I open (via edit) the language box on this wiki page, the page hierarchy is defined as "{{lang|cs|en|page=Magazine/Magazine Team}}"

Based on the language box definition, I would expect the mouse hovering should show "" instead.

Similar page structure (two level) is in case of "Account_System/NewAccount" (
In this case:
1) Mouse hover above "English (en)" shows ""
2) The language box contains "{{lang|cs|bg|en|...|zh-tw| page=Account System/NewAccount}}"

Well both points are equal and all works well on this page.

Another example of multilevel wiki page is Infrastructure/AccountSystem/DownloadCert ( Again mouse hover link as well as language box are equal.

So it seems only Magazine/Magazine_Team is corrupted.

Additional issues I see on
a) A french language is added in the language box but if you edit the box, the French language is missing
b) If you click on "English (en)", the EN language stays as a link (e.g. it does not change to bold letters without link as it is done in case of active language)

On 15 March 2018 at 23:58, Jean-Baptiste Holcroft <> wrote:
Le 15/03/2018 à 16:28, zdenek a écrit :
Hello Jean-Baptiste

Thanks a lot for your feedback. This procedure is actually what I normally follow but I do not know what I did in this case.
I had a second thought at this issue, and I think it may be related to the fact it is the translation of a two level page name : "Magazine/Magazine_Team"

The automatic link only includes Magazine, which means the Template don't know how to hangle the subpage part "Magazine Team".

Can you check if you can reproduce the bug with other pages?

Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
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